How to Request Bank Statement from POSB

Many people need to know how to request bank statement from POSB. It is the method to getting the printed statement and use it as a documentation for the job or bank-related business.

It is very easy to send the request anyway.

Request Bank Account Statements from POSB

There are two methods on how to request bank statement from POSB below.

Follow the one that you like the best and then your will be receiving the bank statement soon. It is very easy and everyone can do that from anywhere.

Request Bank Statement POSB Internet Banking

  1. Go to
  2. Fill the login box with your user ID and PIN of the iBankingPrint Bank Statement POSB
  3. Search for the option “Request
  4. There should be several other options there. Locate “Printed Past Account Statement” and click it.
  5. When you are asked to fill in your secure PIN, enter your internet banking secure PIN (6 digits).
  6. Look for the option “Debiting Account” and then select “Account
  7. Select the Account and Period you wish to request statement for. Once done, click “Next
  8. There will be several types of verification. Do that and then click “Submit
  9. Your request for the printed statement has been processed.

Request Bank Statement POSB Phone Banking

  1. Dial 1800 339 6666 and tap “Call” or “OK” on your mobile phone
  2. Press “1” if you want a service in English or press “2” for Mandarin instead.
  3. Enter the information of your POSB card (NRIC, Debit or Credit Card Number) and your phone banking ID. Then press #
  4. Enter your phone banking PIN and then press # again.
  5. Pick the service of “Deposit Account Related Service
  6. Press “3” to get to service of “Account Statement Request
  7. If you want to print the latest statement, press “1“. If you want to print the account statement from the past 1 month, press “2” and if you want the account statement from the past 2 months, press “3
  8. Press “1” to confirm the request.

Will There Be Any Charges for the Printed Document Request?

Yes, there will be charges. If you want to print account statement from within 1 year, the charge is S$20 per copy/month.

If you want to print account statement from past 3 year (within 1-3 years), the charge is S$30 per copy/month.

If you want to print account statement from years ago (more than 3 years), the charge is S$50 per copy/month.

When I’m Overseas, Can I Use Phone Banking to Send the Request?

Yes, you can use the phone banking when you are aboard. The number to call is (+65) 6339 6666.

Can I Ask for the Printed Statement Using ATM?

Yes, you can. POSB ATMs have service to send request for the printed bank statement.

Is There Other Ways to Ask for the Printed Statement?

Besides iBanking, phone banking, and ATMs, the request can be sent via mail (download a form and send it to POSB) and via our customer service at the branches.

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